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Justice is our priority.

To our prospective and current clients

Our clients are diverse but have one thing in common: being treated wrongfully by agents of the state. When injustice is inflicted on you, what will make you whole again? We work tirelessly to help our clients reach that goal.

As a Marashi Legal client, you’re involved in almost every aspect of litigation you want to be. You are a part of the decision-making process and are kept abreast of all developments and strategies. We use case development technology and regular communications to seamlessly share information with you so legal processes that are ordinarily complex become transparent and accessible. The law applies to us all, so it should be easily accessible, understandable, and empowering to all of us. Our goal is to help you better access, understand, and participate in the progress of your case, and to bring joy and clarity to the process of litigation.

In the past century, most law practices traditionally focused on high-value cases and winning as many trials as possible. But we are in a new millennium, and Marashi Legal aims to be at the forefront of using the law to promote wholeness and rectify injustices. In fifteen years of practicing law, we have never had a single client who was motivated by revenge or wanted to win at any cost, and we would not be a good match for such a person. It’s been our pleasure to have had clients who share our own goals of justice, respect, and enough compensation to right the wrongs that led to litigation.

Stages of a lawsuit, specific to NYC and its Courts. 

Here is a flow sheet that shows the stages of a lawsuit, specific to NYC and its Courts. 

For more questions you may have about the process, you can go to the FAQ page.